007. nothing happens until you work the talk

007. nothing happens until you work the talk

In this compelling episode of "business is art," hosted by Ramon Estrada, listeners are invited into the world of the business artist. Ramon eloquently discusses the journey from ideation to execution, emphasizing the importance of having ideas and making them a reality through action and commitment. He shares insights from his personal experiences, including organizing an international event in Barcelona, collaborating with IESE Business School, and the challenges of making impactful work visible.

Ramon delves into "shallow work" and contrasts it with the depth and impact that true entrepreneurial endeavors should aim for. He challenges the conventional notion of busyness, advocating for meaningful, transformative work beyond mere activity. Through his narrative, Ramon explores the distinction between being an entrepreneur and a founder, underscoring the courage it takes to bring one's ideas to fruition and the reality of the entrepreneurial journey.

Highlighting the influence of Steven Pressfield's book "Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants to Be," Ramon reflects on the physical and emotional commitment required to create something of value. He stresses the importance of presence, intentionality, and the willingness to face the unknown in the creative process.

The episode is a call to action for listeners to engage deeply with their work and to strive for innovation and legacy in their entrepreneurial ventures. Ramon's anecdotes and reflections offer a roadmap for becoming a business artist who dreams and acts to make those dreams a tangible reality, ultimately changing the world for the better.

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