013. show up, be present

013. show up, be present

Our host, Ramon Estrada, delves into the complexities and repetitions that often come with launching and leading a company in this instructive episode of our podcast, tailored for founder CEOs.

Drawing on his extensive experience as an executive coach, he explores the metaphorical journey of finding one's "home" in the business world, likening the process to using GPS to navigate life's aims and ambitions. Through the inspiring story "On the Tavern" by Rumi, he highlights the familiar feeling of wandering aimlessly and the necessity of knowing one's destination.

The discussion extends to practical advice on aligning daily operations with core values, the importance of intentional actions, and embracing the warrior's path for personal and professional fulfillment. He shares personal anecdotes and wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita, urging listeners to consider their actions as foundational steps towards their ultimate goals.

He concludes with thought-provoking insights from mentor Jerry Colonna on self-awareness in leadership. Tune in to redefine your journey and embrace your role as a CEO and a visionary leader shaping the future.

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