009. we see the world through how we feel

009. we see the world through how we feel

This episode delves into the profound connection between our emotional state and its influence on business leadership and decision-making. Drawing parallels between the intensity of horror movies and the subtleties of our daily lives, our host explores how background elements, much like a film's score, shape our emotional responses and, subsequently, our actions. We're taken on a journey from a casual jog in the neighborhood, accompanied by the transformative power of music, to the deeper realms of our inner "soundtrack" that guides our decisions as entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders.

Discover how the synergy between our emotional well-being and professional performance can lead to greater awareness, intelligence, and openness to new ideas. Our discussion touches on the importance of being in sync with ourselves, highlighting how a harmonious connection between the heart and brain can amplify our energy, clarity, and engagement with the world.

Inspired by David Whyte's poetry, we contemplate the dynamic tension between innocence and experience and how recognizing and adjusting our internal music can empower us with choice in our personal and professional lives. This episode promises to equip founder CEOs with insights on fostering an environment of positive emotional alignment, enhancing leadership capabilities, and making more impactful decisions. Join us as we explore the drama triangle in our next episode, further unraveling our roles and the "music" we choose in response to life's unfolding situations.

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