005. show me the vision!

005. show me the vision!

Money seems to be the king in business. Money is the number one parameter to measure how the company is performing. However, money is a result.

Is it correct to consider it as an essential part of a business? What about the founder's vision?

I'm Ramon Estrada. I'm a Founder CEO Coach who helps founders and their businesses grow. I welcome you to "business is art."

This is a show about successful entrepreneurship. 

Unlike other shows about successful entrepreneurship, we only explore the founders' and leaders' journey from purpose, mindset, strategies, and tactics to making an impact and achieving exponential growth. 

Join us on a weekly podcast to explore and learn from those great creators and business innovators who managed to stay on course with their vision to make a positive impact in the world while being exemplary leaders in their companies, communities, and families. 

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